Heb Survey Sweepstakes Rewards

Your feedback is valuable to us, and as a token of our appreciation, we’re offering you a chance to win exciting rewards. In this blog post, we’ll provide all the details you need to participate and increase your chances of winning.

HEB Survey Sweepstakes Rewards | Win Upto $100 Now!

The rewards for the HEB Survey Sweepstakes are truly enticing! Lucky participants stand a chance to win gift cards worth up to $100, or even $500! These gift cards can be redeemed at any HEB store, making your next shopping experience even more enjoyable. We periodically update our sweepstakes rewards, so make sure to participate regularly for a chance to win a variety of fantastic prizes.

Heb Survey Sweepstakes Rewards

Grand Prize

  1. The grand prize is a year’s supply of HEB groceries delivered to your doorstep. This includes a curated selection of fresh produce, pantry staples, and specialty items according to your preferences.
  2. The estimated value of the grand prize is $5,000, based on an average estimated grocery spending of $100 per week.
  3. Terms and conditions for the Grand Prize: The prize cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash. The winner is responsible for all applicable federal, state, and local taxes. Additionally, all deliveries must be within HEB’s current delivery area.

Secondary Prizes

  1. The secondary prizes consist of HEB gift cards, which can be used at any HEB store or online.
  2. There are 50 secondary prizes, each with a value of $100.
  3. Terms and conditions for secondary prize winners: The gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash and must be used within 1 year of issuance. The winners are responsible for all applicable taxes.

Sweepstakes Duration

The HEB Survey Sweepstakes begins on January 1, 2023, and concludes on December 31, 2023. Participants may enter the sweepstakes at any time during this period. However, please note that each participant is allowed only one entry per monthly sweepstakes period. Winners for each month will be selected and announced within the first week of the following month. It’s never too early or too late to enter – your chance to win awaits!

Prizes Available

We have an array of fantastic rewards waiting for our lucky winners. Prizes may include gift cards, exclusive discounts, or even special merchandise. The more participants we have, the more prizes we’ll be able to offer, so spread the word and get your friends and family involved!

Steps to Participate

Participating in the HEB Survey Sweepstakes is quick and easy. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Make a purchase at any HEB store or visit our website.
  • Keep your receipt handy as it contains the survey code.
  • Visit our official survey website and enter the code to access the survey.
  • Answer the survey questions honestly and provide your valuable feedback.
  • Once you’ve completed the survey, you’ll be automatically entered into the sweepstakes.

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in the HEB Survey Sweepstakes, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must be a legal resident of the United States, excluding residents of Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and other U.S. territories.
  2. You must be at least 18 years old as of the date of participation.
  3. You should not be an employee, officer, director, or agent of HEB or any of its subsidiaries, or an immediate family member or housemate of such persons.
  4. You must have made a purchase at an HEB store or on our website and kept the receipt.
  5. You must have a valid email address and access to the internet.

Please note that any attempt to enter the sweepstakes in violation of these criteria may lead to disqualification. For further details, please refer to the Official Rules.

Winner Selection

The selection of winners for the HEB Survey Sweepstakes will be conducted through a random drawing from all eligible entries received during each monthly sweepstakes period. The drawings will take place within the first week of the following month. Potential winners will be notified via email. The winners must respond and accept the prize within the specified time frame mentioned in the notification email. If a potential winner fails to respond or accept the prize within the stipulated time, or if the prize or prize notification is returned as undeliverable, the potential winner will be disqualified and an alternate winner will be selected. All decisions of HEB regarding the sweepstakes are final and binding.

How Winners will be Notified?

If you’re one of our lucky winners, we’ll notify you via the contact information you provided in the survey. Make sure to keep an eye on your email and phone as we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the good news! Additionally, we’ll publicly announce the winners’ names on our website, social media platforms, and other communication channels.

Public Announcement

We’d like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all participants. Your feedback plays a crucial role in helping us improve our products and services. We value your contribution and look forward to your continued engagement in future surveys and initiatives.

Feedback and Future Surveys

Your feedback is essential to us, and we encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts and experiences with us. Stay tuned for upcoming surveys and initiatives where you’ll have more opportunities to make your voice heard. Together, we can create an even better HEB shopping experience.

Terms and Conditions

To ensure fairness and transparency, please take a moment to review the official rules and terms of the HEB Survey Sweepstakes. Compliance with these guidelines is necessary to be eligible for the rewards. If you have any inquiries or concerns, please reach out to our customer support team, and they will be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I enter the sweepstakes?

Each participant is allowed one entry per monthly sweepstakes period. This means if you enter the sweepstakes in January, you will be eligible to enter again in February, and so on throughout the duration of the sweepstakes, which is from January 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023 and continue. Remember, every new month presents a new opportunity for you to win – so make the most of it!

Do I need to make a purchase each time I want to enter?

Yes, each entry to the HEB Survey Sweepstakes requires a new purchase from an HEB store or our website. Each receipt contains a unique survey code, which is required to access the survey and enter the sweepstakes. However, remember that each purchase not only gives you a chance to win exciting prizes but also helps us improve by providing valuable feedback.

What happens if I win but fail to respond to the notification?

If you are selected as a potential winner, we will reach out to you via the contact information you provided in the survey. However, if you fail to respond to the winner notification within the specified time frame mentioned in the email, you will forfeit the prize. In such a case, the prize or prize notification is considered as undeliverable, and the potential winner is disqualified. An alternate winner will then be selected in their place. It’s crucial to keep an eye on your email to avoid missing out on your prize.

Can I exchange my prize for cash?

No, unfortunately, prizes won in the HEB Survey Sweepstakes cannot be exchanged for cash. The prizes are strictly non-transferable and must be accepted as awarded. Additionally, no substitutions are allowed except by HEB, who reserves the right to substitute a prize (or component thereof) with one of equal or greater value if the intended prize becomes unavailable for any reason. We appreciate your understanding.

Are HEB employees eligible to participate in the sweepstakes?

No, HEB employees are not eligible to participate in the sweepstakes. The eligibility criteria clearly state that employees, officers, directors, or agents of HEB or any of its subsidiaries, or immediate family members or housemates of such individuals are not eligible to enter the sweepstakes. This is to ensure fairness and impartiality in the sweepstakes process. Therefore, if you are associated with HEB in any of these capacities, unfortunately, you won’t be able to participate in the sweepstakes.


In conclusion, we’re thrilled to offer you a chance to win some amazing prizes through the HEB Survey Sweepstakes, simply for sharing your valuable feedback with us. Remember, each purchase you make at HEB gives you another opportunity to enter the sweepstakes, and the more participants we have, the more prizes we can offer. We can’t wait to hear from you, and good luck to all our participants!

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